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    Feeling Spread Too Thin?

    Feeling Spread Too Thin

    Whether there is a bottleneck in your schedule or you have simply overcommitted these tips will help when you are feeling spread too thin.

    Ask For Help

    It is highly unlikely that everything in your schedule must be done by you, so ask for or hire help. This includes everything from hiring a cleaning company until things slow down to dropping your laundry off, hiring a babysitter to help run the kids to their extracurricular activities, or even hiring a personal assistant to take the edge off. Before you hire someone be sure to ask friends, family, or coworkers for help.

    Schedule In Some Me Time

    As you create room in your schedule you will start to feel a bit of a release, but to really take the edge off you need to schedule in some me time. This can include a massage, yoga, reading, or spending quality time with your nearest and dearest. Whatever you do avoid the temptation to invest all the time you free up working on your growing to-do list.

    Last but not least, take a more proactive approach from here on out—scheduling in more gaps so that you have relief when you need it.

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