Coupled Up But Valentine’s Day Not Your Thing?

Coupled Up But Valentine’s Day Not Your Thing

Have you been together forever and think V-Day is just another day, you find the holiday stressful, or find it to be an over-commercialized holiday? Whatever the reason may be these tips will help.

Talk It Over With Your Partner

First up, talk to your partner to express your honest feelings on the upcoming holiday—and to listen to their perspective too. If you are both aligned that it’s just another day, all is well. If V-Day holds more importance for your partner, find a reasonable compromise.

A Friendly Reminder

Yes, we can all argue that holidays are over-commercialized And yes, we should show our partners we love the+m every day. However, we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, so even if it’s not your thing—V-Day is a good time to let the one you love know how important they are.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Extravagant

If you are someone who feels pressure for this holiday of love, you are not alone. Just remember that if a relationship is healthy, it will always be the thought that counts. But by all means, give it some thought. Try to personalize your plans to what your loved one will truly enjoy, even if it’s the generic flowers and chocolate.

Here’s to making sure all our loved ones always know they are in our hearts!

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