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How To Slash Your Food Waste

Slash Your Food Waste

The average American wastes over 30 percent of the food they purchase. This includes produce that goes bad, leftovers you don’t take home or forget to eat when you do, or items you forget to eat before their expiration date. Here are a few tips to slash your food waste.

Meal Plan

The biggest thing you can do is plan your meals in advance, so that you buy what you need—and not more. Or, if you have a recipe that only requires a cup of a fresh ingredient like buttermilk, look for a few buttermilk other buttermilk recipes before it goes bad. Also, Google ways to preserve things like we mention next, Yes, you can freeze buttermilk.

Learn To Preserve

Fruits and veggies can be frozen, dried, canned, and more—so learn how to preserve what you won’t eat before it goes bad. For example, baking and eating or freezing banana bread. Same goes for fresh herbs, which you can freeze or dry.

Eat Your Leftovers

Time is tight and most restaurants serve oversized portions, so take your leftovers home—and be sure to eat them. If you won’t be heading straight home, try to gift them to someone else. When I would eat out in downtown Chicago I would often give my leftovers to a homeless person. A win, win.

Here’s to minimizing wasteful food purchases!

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