How To Make Your House A Home

Make Your House A Home

Whether it’s your first home or condo, an apartment, or anywhere you are living that doesn’t yet feel quite like you—these tips will help you make your house a home.


First things first, it’s time to add some accessories that feel like you. Yes, accessories decorate your home, but they also make your home look warm and inviting. This includes everything from wall art to vases, lamps, throw pillows, throw blankets, area rugs, curtains, and even how you paint or cover the walls. I would also suggest a touch of nature like a plant, fresh flowers, or art made with wood. Don’t forget a few framed photos of family, friends, and furbabies.

Create A Personal Space

Whether you live solo, with roommates, a partner or family you need at least one space that is all for you. This might be your bedroom, a reading area, den, or even your home office. If space is tight, it can be a small corner of a room, or consider creating a personal space in the attic, garage, or basement. If you have the budget you could even create a she shed or man cave.

Here’s to creating a healthy and happy home and haven!

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