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How To Tackle Your Busy Schedule

Tackle Your Busy Schedule

Whether every day is busy or you are in a time that is busier than usual, these tips will help you stay balanced.

Eliminate Basic Tasks

Learning the art of delegation for both personal and professional tasks can really lighten your load. Think small and include anything that doesn’t have to be done by you. This could include cooking, cleaning, laundry, or small pieces of projects—such as having someone else gather the data you need for a project at work. And time is money, so delegating includes paying someone to minimize these tasks for you.

Organize Your Time

Instead of just creating a to-do list, organize your time. This includes running nearby errands on the same day to knowing when your most productive times of day are and getting the things you like least done first.

Don’t Overcommit

One of the reasons your schedule may be stressing you out so much is because you have overcommitted to an unrealistic amount of commitments. While we always want to be reliable, it may be time to let go of a few. Just make sure you don’t eliminate things that keep you balanced, such as your workouts, self-care, and quality time with your nearest and dearest. If you can’t let go of what’s already on your schedule, start actively scheduling in more free time.

Here’s to keeping busy without being spread too thin.

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