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Share Your Love

Share Your Love

Whether it’s your romantic partner, best friend, mom, or family—we sometimes get so caught up in our lives that we forget to take the time to let them know how much we care. Here is how to share the love.

  1. Tell them! You might be sure your loved ones know how much you care, why you appreciate them, and how they make your life better, but we must not forget to verbalize our feelings.
  2. Send them a card in the mail. This will feel extra-special as it’s so rare to receive mail these days. If not a card and email, FB message, or text. Just try to put it in writing.
  3. Schedule some quality one-on-one time together. This might be doing something you both enjoy, something they enjoy, or trying something new together. It could also be coffee, brunch, or a walk in the park.
  4. Celebrate their success. We all have goals we are working toward, both small and large. As your loved one continues to grow personally and professionally make sure they know that you notice, and take time to celebrate with them. If not success, a genuine compliment as to why you love what makes them unique.
  5. Be your authentic self. Trusting someone enough to be yourself is the highest compliment. It also empowers the ones we love to be vulnerable and authentic too.

Here’s to love!

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