Your Gossiping Is Likely Misplaced Envy

Your Gossiping Is Likely Misplaced Envy

There’s no way around it, we all have people who for whatever reason rub us the wrong way. But if you find yourself constantly gossiping about someone your gossiping is likely misplaced envy. I’m not referring to politicians or public figures, but to people we know, work with, or are mildly acquainted with. However, your obsessive gossip about a celeb you don’t like could certainly be envy too.

Don’t Think So?

A quick vent fest to your spouse or BFF is one thing, but spending the entire day complaining to everyone who will listen or staging a (conscious or subconscious) ongoing character attack is another. If you really don’t like someone you wouldn’t give them so much time and energy. So, it’s time to consider what the root of it is. In most cases, it’s that someone is brave enough to let go of their selflessness, pursue their passion, and live in their authenticity.

What Do You Like About Them?

It’s tough but we have more in common with everyone than not, so instead of focusing solely on what you don’t like—consider what you do like. Make a list of 10 traits, and next time you feel the urge to gossip rise, go back to this list.

Gossip might make you feel better in the moment, but at what expense? It likely hurts the person you are gossiping about. Even if your words never get back to them it shows your lack of character.

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