What Order To Apply Your Daily Skincare Products

Apply Your Skincare Products

The order your daily skincare products should be applied is something many of us struggle with. The answers below will help.

Barrier Cream First

A barrier cream will protect your skin from pollutants and toxins. It can work wonders for both anti-aging and acne. It should be the first thing you apply. Let dry at least one minute before your next layer.

Serum And Moisturizer

Next, you want to apply your serum. Serums can be tricky though as they may take a few minutes to absorb into your skin, but it’s worth the wait. Do your hair in between. Once dry, apply your SPF moisturizer. Wait at least another minute before applying your makeup.


Now it’s time to apply your BB cream, foundation, or powder. Ensure that between your SPF moisturizer and your first layer of makeup that you have at least SPF 50. I like to apply a moisturizing balm to my lips before my makeup, or select a lip gloss, stain, or color that has moisture blended in.

Finish, Touch-Ups, and Refresh

Once your makeup is complete, finish things off with your preferred setting spray. Touch-up as needed, and use an SPF spray if you will be out in the sun. Blot oily areas throughout the day or refresh with a rosewater spray.

Here’s to looking and feeling your best!

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