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Why Classic Stretch Might Be Right For You

Why Classic Stretch Might Be Right For You

While I always feel good after a gym workout, I can’t say that I enjoy myself while I’m there. I’m more of a yoga, dance, and outdoors girl—but I like to try new things too. If you have ever watched PBS you have likely seen Miranda Esmonde-White performing her Classic Stretch routine. Here’s why this seemingly simple workout may work for you. For me, it’s a workout I actually look forward to doing!

What Is Classic Stretch?

At first glance, this workout might not look like it would deliver much in terms of results. The Essentrics® technique is a proprietary combination of ballet, Pilates, tai chi, yoga, and physiotherapy. It was created by Miranda, a former ballerina.

How It Works?

We all have different workout goals, and this one workout is designed to meet them all—with the exception of increasing physical endurance. It alleviates pain, strengthens the body, elongates muscles, increases speed, helps you lose weight, and more. It is also a form of eccentric movement therapy, which is increasingly popular in sports medicine.

An At-Home Workout

Miranda has over 300 videos and has been on PBS since 1999. If you can’t watch Miranda for free on PBS you can find a few introductory videos on YouTube or the Essentrics website, you can buy her DVDs, or you can stream live with a digital subscription. You can work out for 30 minutes or more, but her initial workouts were designed to produce results in just 20 minutes per day.

It’s easier than most workouts but harder than it looks!

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