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3 Easy Ways To Shop Local

Easy Ways To Shop Local

As you look for more ways to reduce your carbon footprint you may be considering purchasing more of what you buy from local retailers. Here are 3 easy ways to shop local.

Farmers Markets

Whether they are year-round or seasonal try to buy as much as you can from your farmer’s markets. From produce to plants, flowers, meat, dairy, local honey, pickles, and more. If your markets are only seasonal inquire about how to buy year-round. Many farmers sell their products through farm shares or in local grocers so be sure to ask.

Local Artists And Artisans

Explore your options from local artists and artisans. In fact, this is my top pick when shopping for friends and family because it’s how I find really unique gifts. When it comes to artisans shop local bakeries, butchers, brewers, wineries, clothing boutiques, coffee and tea shops, and more.

Small Grocers And Retailers

Yes, small grocers and retailers will order much of their inventory from larger suppliers—but a local shop is also more likely to stock local products too. In addition, shopping in a locally owned store versus a nationwide or regional chain supports a community business owner.

Here’s to rethinking when and where we spend our money!

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