Do You Find It Impossible To Save Money?

Do You Find It Impossible To Save Money

Taking a proactive approach to your financial goals is not as difficult as you think. Here are a few tips for those who find it impossible to save money.

Set Your Goal

Your goal must be more than to just “save more money” so set a specific dollar amount to save each month. If you must, start small. Maybe you start with $25 per week and once you see how easy that is you take it up a notch.

Find Mini Ways To Save

Every little bit adds up, so start paying attention to how you spend your money. Even without making major lifestyle changes you can still save more. For example:

  • Sign up for the rewards program at your morning coffee shop
  • Skip the morning coffee shop and bring your coffee from home
  • Don’t order the extras like appetizers, desserts, or extra fries
  • Eat your leftovers
  • Give yourself a monthly gaming app budget
  • Get rid of digital subscriptions you aren’t currently using
  • Comparison shop, especially when shopping online
  • Comparison shop for your smartphone bill and utilities

Journal What You Spend

A spending journal is an eye-opening way to really see where your money is going. Odds are you are spending far more in at least a few areas than you realized. Use an app designed to track spending, which you have plenty of options to choose from.

Here’s to saving more money!

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