The Cause Is The Cure To What’s Ailing You

The Cause Is The Cure

It’s an exciting time in the field of Western medicine as integrative health, functional medicine, and personalized healthcare are on the rise. The goal of these modern approaches is prevention and identifying the root cause opposed to just treating symptoms. In other words, the cause is the cure to what’s ailing you.

Whole Body Health

When you schedule your first appointment with a progressive practitioner, expect a longer appointment as they will dive deep into your personal medical history. This will include your family history, mental health, and both chronic and acute conditions.

Food As Medicine

What you eat will be of increased importance when you visit a progressive practitioner. They will guide you toward a diet designed to heal, such as the Mediterranean diet which is packed full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and seafood. They may even suggest working with a nutritionist to personalize your nutrition.

Complementary Healing Modalities

Progressive practitioners are also supportive of complementary healing modalities. This includes talk therapy, energy work, yoga, sound therapy, massage, physical therapy, and more. The goal is to find a personalize approach to healing your mind, body, and spirit.

If your current healthcare provider isn’t able to resolve your health, only treat it, it might be worth exploring your other options. Most integrative and functional practitioners are covered by insurance as a primary care physician.

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