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Stress And Mess Go Hand In Hand

Stress And Mess

If your home is messy you might be waiting until you have enough time in your busy schedule to clear the clutter, but stress and mess go hand in hand—so the sooner the better.

Too Much Visual Stimuli

Whether it’s one room, your entire home, or your desk a messy space creates visual stimuli. You may not consciously register it as stimuli, but once you clear the clutter you are likely to feel more at ease. You can also expect a boost in productivity.

Clutter Is Distracting

One of the reasons minimalist living is on the rise is that clean and simple homes have less that can get messy. With less stuff, there is less likelihood of clutter, and with less clutter less distraction. While you may never adopt minimalism, you can create a more organized system for you and your family.

The Stress Of The Find

When your home is messy it’s more difficult to find what you need when you need it. This creates daily stress for both you and your family. If it’s a shared workspace, for you and your team.

Set aside at least one hour to clear the clutter. If you must, do one room at a time. Before you get started, invest in at least a few organization tools to ensure everything has its own space.

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