In A Relationship Slump?

In A Relationship Slump

In the first year or two of a relationship there are still a lot of things to learn about one another, but once you settle in you may feel like you are in a relationship slump. Here’s how to snap out of it.

Break The Monotony

If your daily routine has become monotonous, it’s time to mix things up. Begin by scheduling a few dates, especially if you rarely date anymore. And yes, get dressed up for at least one of these dates so that your time together feels extra-special. Start going to new restaurants, take a weekend getaway, sign up for a class together, head to a show, and try something new as a couple.

Really Listen

Do you and your partner know each other so well that you can guess what they will order on the menu, can buy clothing for them with ease, or you are confident you know how they will respond to and feel about everything? While being understood is empowering, if we are too confident that we know what our partner is thinking, feeling, or what they are going to say, we may not be listening with empathy—or allowing them to grow. Or they are growing and changing, but we don’t notice.

In just a few weeks you can start to feel the spark and excitement return in your relationship.

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