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February 2020

  • Natural Pain Relief

    Natural Pain Relief

    Inflammation is the leading cause of physical pain. Inflammation can be caused by a variety of factors, as well as minimized or reduced by a variety of factors. Here are a…

  • Creating A Spending Journal

    Creating A Spending Journal

    If sticking to your budget is challenging creating a spending journal might help. If you’ve ever used a food journal where you write down everything you eat each day, it’s a…

  • Share Your Love
    dating happiness

    Share Your Love

    Whether it’s your romantic partner, best friend, mom, or family—we sometimes get so caught up in our lives that we forget to take the time to let them know how much…

  • How To Shop With Intention

    How To Shop With Intention

    Whether the goal is to save money or green your life a bit more these tips will help you to shop with intention. Make A List If impulse spending is part…

  • Tackle Your Busy Schedule
    home work

    How To Tackle Your Busy Schedule

    Whether every day is busy or you are in a time that is busier than usual, these tips will help you stay balanced. Eliminate Basic Tasks Learning the art of delegation…

  • Make Your House A Home

    How To Make Your House A Home

    Whether it’s your first home or condo, an apartment, or anywhere you are living that doesn’t yet feel quite like you—these tips will help you make your house a home. Accessorize…

  • Slash Your Food Waste
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    How To Slash Your Food Waste

    The average American wastes over 30 percent of the food they purchase. This includes produce that goes bad, leftovers you don’t take home or forget to eat when you do, or…