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    How To Date While Social Distancing

    How To Date While Social Distancing

    Yes! Dating can still happen while we’re social distancing. Thanks to the digital day and age we live in you can get to know new people or have fun date nights with your partner at home. Here are a few ideas.

    Dating Apps

    For those of you looking for a partner, not just a hookup, now is the perfect time to online date. So, create a new profile or update your current one. With everyone but frontline employees stuck at home, you have the time to really get to know one another—which will make meeting in-person even more exciting.

    Video Dates

    If you had a few dates with someone before COVID-19 or you meet someone on an app it may be too soon (for both personal safety and health concerns) to invite them over—so schedule a video date. Get dressed up and make sure your background is presentable.

    At-Home Dates

    If you are already coupled up you can schedule some at-home dates. This should be more than just hanging out so plan something fun you can do together. Cook, bake, do a puzzle, play cards, go on a virtual tour, and more.

    Here’s to staying healthy and social over until it’s safe for things to return to normal.

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