What Does It Mean To Personalize Your Nutrition?

What Does It Mean To Personalize Your Nutrition

The common perception seems to be that there is one diet out there that will work for everyone. Even the United Nations recognizes that the Mediterranean diet is both nutrient-rich and environmentally conscious, studies show that the same foods do not impact everyone in the same way. This means it’s time to personalize your nutrition.

How To Start

The first step is to have a full physical exam including blood work. This will provide a baseline. Then you will meet with a nutritionist or dietician to discuss your acute and chronic health conditions, as well as your lifestyle. Yes, you will be weighed and may even have your BMI measured, but weight and muscle mass are far from the only factors to consider.

How Your Lifestyle Impacts Your Diet

Nutritional needs vary by age, gender, level of physical activity, health conditions, and more. By personalizing your diet you ensure that you are getting the nutrients you require for energy, strength, endurance, and more. Your new diet will be packed full of natural foods, and with the right foods you promote healing your body naturally.

Yes, you may still require medication but with personalized nutrition, you are more likely to treat the cause than the symptom.

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