How Many Goals Should You Work On At A Time?

How Many Goals Should You Work On At A Time

Feeling inspired to grow or develop personally or professionally? We are all a work in progress and have new and old aspirations and goals. But, trying to tackle too much at once decreases our chances for success. Here’s how to decide how many goals you should work on at a time.

Make A List

Begin by making a list of the goals you want to achieve. Then determine approximately how long they will take to achieve, and which ones will have the most positive impact on your life. Some goals have a clearly defined measurement of success, such as going back to school—while others are ongoing goals, such as working out 5 days a week. Also, divide your goals into personal and professional.


Once you have a general idea of how long each goal will take and which goals will have the most positive impact, pick one. That’s right, just one. At most two, one personal and one professional. Once the habit is developed to maintain or move toward your goal are in place, and completed without second thought, you can begin on a new goal. Remember, it takes at least 21 days to develop a new habit.

Last but not least, don’t put off goals that require a long-term commitment, such as writing a book or going back to school. It’s tempting to put these overwhelming goals on the back burner but if you don’t start you may never get to them.

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