Why You Should Cowork Instead Of Work From Home

Why You Should Cowork Instead Of Work From Home

You’ve achieved your dream of working either part-time or full-time from home. It’s something you have been dreaming of for years. Now that you have achieved your dream you don’t want to trade it in, but you may want to cowork instead of work from home.

Networking And Socialization

Even if you IM, email, call or video chat with your clients or team daily this type of virtual communication can’t replace direct human contact. Just like most things in life, coworking doesn’t have to be 100 percent. My mornings are my most productive time, so that’s when I work from home—then I head out at least 3 days a week to work in a coffee shop or coworking space. I frequent the same places so that I run into and socialize with the same people. I also do a lot of networking in coworking spaces which have led to several referrals.

Break The Monotony

Working from the place we live can make everyday feel like Groundhog’s day, so coworking can mix things up a bit. I definitely go through phases where I cowork more often than others. Just find what works for you.


If you are new to working from home and struggling to remain productive, working in a coworking spaces feels a bit more like a traditional office setting—so you will likely be more productive. Or, if I’m super swapped coworking has the same productivity effect.

Here’s to maintaining balance and productivity when working from home.

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