The Skincare And Beauty Products You Should Splurge On

Skincare And Beauty Products You Should Splurge On

It is easy to break the bank when buying antiaging skincare and beauty products. Not only do many come with a high price tag, but we’ve all tested products that we only use a few times, then they end up in the forgotten beauty drawer. By knowing what products to splurge on you can actually spend money each year, as you won’t waste money on products that don’t achieve your beauty goals.

Serum & Moisturizer

At the very least, your PM repair serum should be a splurge and if you have it in your budget your moisturizer too. Make sure that your daytime moisturizer and beauty products total at least SPF 50.


Most days I wear a tinted BB cream or Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect. But, I work from home so I just need basic coverage. If I have a meeting with a client, special event, date night or anything I need to be a bit more pulled-together for I apply Decorté Cosmetics Soft Cream Foundation. This item is a splurge but it makes my skin look amazing.


I head to a cosmetics counter at least once a year to have my makeup professionally applied. Sometimes I buy an eyeshadow or blush, which in luxury brands tend to last a long time—but I always splurge on my lipstick. I don’t wear a lot of makeup so having the perfect lip color is essential. I mix up my lipstick brands often spending between $20 to $60 per tube, but when the color is perfect I use ever tube till it runs out.

Last but not least, I stock up on holiday cosmetic bundles and after Christmas sales where I can find many of my go-to products for up to 50% off. Sometimes it’s part of a set, which is fun because I can try other products while still paying less than the regular price.

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