Why You Keep Dating The Wrong Person

Why You Keep Dating The Wrong Person

Do you keep dating the same person over again? Or dating the wrong person and are struggling to tell how you always attract the same unhealthy relationships? You certainly aren’t alone in this but you can break your unhealthy relationship cycle.

Why Everyone You Date Is Wrong For You

Many of us date similar people over and over again, but if you are stuck in unhealthy relationship cycles it’s time for a change. There is a root cause to who you attract, often some type of unresolved self-love or self-acceptance. You don’t yet believe you deserve someone who treats you better, even if that is what you truly desire.

How To Overcome Your Unhealthy Relationship Pattern

You can read self-help books and explore a variety of alternative wellness practices but talk therapy should be part of this equation. To be clear, solo talk therapy is for you to work on you—not to attempt to change an unhealthy partner into the partner you really want them to be. In fact, being single while you do this work is ideal.

When To Get Back Out There

As the saying goes, admitting you have a problem is the first step. In this case, owning your role in your unhealthy relationships. Your therapist can help you decide when it’s time to get back out there, the red flags that signal you are back on the same track, and how to set healthy boundaries. For some, you can get back out there fairly quickly, but sometimes a lot of work needs to be done first.

It will take time and a commitment to self-love and acceptance—but it’s worth it for the relationship you’ve been waiting for. 

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