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Does Social Distancing Have You Bored?

Does Social Distancing Have You Bored

With concerns of Coronavirus spreading many uninfected individuals are practicing social distancing. But as social creatures, many of us are going stir crazy. Here are a few ways to stave off boredom while spending more time at home.

Start Checking Off Your To-Do List

We all have at least a few things we never have enough time to get around to. From our reading list to unfinished arts and crafts, small home projects, and more. Now is the perfect time to finally make a dent in some of these things. Just make sure it’s balanced and that several of your to-dos are fun projects and activities.

Phone And Video Chat

Minimize text and email and hop on the phone or video chat with family, friends, colleagues and clients. Simply hearing someone’s voice will make you feel more connected and engaged and seeing someone via video will take this sense of engagement even further. Make it a group chat and consider virtual happy hour. Now is also the time to reconnect with those you don’t keep in touch with as often as you would like.

Family Time

Kids may have an even harder time social distancing as almost all extracurricular activities have been cancelled. This means you must organize activities and playtime. If you have a yard and it’s warm enough, encourage at least a bit of time spent outside each day. Also map out daily activities such as board games, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, and maybe even an at-home playdate.

It’s a major shift for us all but we can minimize the feeling of isolation.

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