How To Stay Fit During Coronavirus Social Distancing

Stay Fit During Coronavirus Social Distancing

If you prefer to workout in a gym or fitness studio but social distancing has you at home, you can still stay fit. Here are a few tips for staying healthy at home.

Invest In A Few At-Home Workout Essentials

A yoga or fitness mat, resistance bands, stability ball, and some free weights don’t take up much room and can help you create a solid at-home workout. If it’s in your budget you could even buy a treadmill or more expensive fitness equipment, but don’t spend too much on things you won’t use long-term.

Don’t Go It Alone

Working out at home takes even more discipline than working out at the gym, so don’t go it alone. Your options are endless so mix things:

  • Download fitness apps
  • Browse YouTube for fitness videos
  • Sign up to a fitness streaming service
  • Pull out or buy new fitness DVDs
  • Sign up with a virtual fitness trainer

Mix It Up

At-home workouts can get boring so be sure to mix things up. For example, I might do yoga one day, Pilates the next, then a day of targeted strength training, and a day of Classic Stretch. Now is also the perfect time to try new fitness options such as tai chi, belly dancing, or anything you can stream that you’ve always been interested in learning.

Here’s to staying fit at home!

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