How To Be Productive When Working From Home

How To Be Productive When Working From Home

If your office is closed due to the COVID-19 or you are self-isolating, but feeling fine, you may be working from home for the first time ever. While it initially sounds like a dream, it’s challenging to be productive when working from home.

Start Your Day Like Usual

Maintaining a routine is essential so get up at the same time you always do, shower, get dressed and complete your regular morning routine. The goal is to sit down and start working at the same time you would in the office, or a bit earlier.

Create A Dedicated Workspace

Next up, you need to create a dedicated workspace. This can be a challenge if you don’t have a home office or if your entire family is home too. If it’s in the budget, invest in even a small corner desk so that you have somewhere to call your own. You may also want to invest in a few office essentials like ergonomics. At the very least, you need a space that is reserved for working. It can even be your kitchen table.

Minimize Distractions

There are far more distractions at home than at work so it’s essential to remember that you are “at work” during office hours. This may include setting some tough boundaries for your partner, kids, and even your pet. Also, keep TV and other electronic distractions to a minimum.

It may take a few days to get into a groove but these tips will help.

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