At-Home Activities While Social Distancing

At-Home Activities While Social Distancing

Boredom and loneliness are rapidly on the rise while everyone is stuck inside. Here are a few ideas to keep yourself engaged.

  1. Take a virtual tour of these global art galleries, museums, zoos, and historic sites.
  2. Schedule a game night with family or even digitally with friends.
  3. Don’t just text but call or video chat with your loved ones or schedule a group chat or virtual happy hour.
  4. Take an online course, many of which are free or discounted right now.
  5. Watch inspirational online videos on TED Talks or YouTube.
  6. Tackle a few advanced recipes.
  7. Finally, organize a closet or room you’ve been putting off.
  8. Start or finish an art, craft, or home improvement project.
  9. If you have a garden do some gardening or take a stroll around your yard.
  10. Read your favorite magazines or finally get to the books on your book list.
  11. Try a few new at-home workouts with apps and online streaming.
  12. Schedule a movie or TV marathon.
  13. Put together a puzzle.
  14. Update your resume, website, or organize online folders.
  15. Watch one of the many coronavirus-inspired social media live streams being hosted by celebrities, businesses, professional networking organizations, lifestyle groups, and more.

This list is an excellent place to begin but you’ll find more ways to occupy your time.

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