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Yes, You Should Get Dressed When Working From Home

You Should Get Dressed When Working From Home

Many Americans are working from home due to self quarantining, social distancing, and shelter in place restrictions. Although you won’t be going to the office you should get dressed when working from home.


Working at home in your PJs might sound like a dream but it can negatively impact your level of productivity. This goes beyond enclothed cognition to the fact that you just feel more pulled together after you shower and dress. I work from home often and take it one step further by applying my makeup, which I used to wait to do until I went out for the day. However, looking in the mirror and seeing myself fully put together makes me feel more like me.

No Need To Suit Up

While dressing the part is a must you can take a more casual Friday approach when working from home, that is unless you have a video conference that you need to be suited up for.

Make What You Wear Social

We are all seeking out new ways to connect and engage while stuck inside so make what your wearing social. Head to Instagram and browse the #stayingin posts from celebs and everyday people which will inspire you to dress how you feel.

Be comfortable but don’t stray too far from your norm.

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