Now Is The Perfect Time To Clear The Clutter

Clear The Clutter

With extra time at home I am taking more time to organize forgotten places that we rarely or never get to. Here are a few areas that you can clear the clutter.

Junk Drawer And Bins

Many of us have a junk drawer and maybe a bin or two for items that don’t have a dedicated home. Now is the perfect time to clean it all out. I just did mine and found that almost everything could be recycled or tossed. I also found a few pleasant surprises and lost items.

Excess Paper

Many of us have gone as paper-free as possible but we often have decades old papers or old bills laying around. Sort through your paper files and scan, organize, shred, and recycle as needed. This includes old magazines and newspapers.

Closet Clean Out And Organization

One of the great things about closet organizing is that you can fit more in your closet, but don’t forget that you still need to keep things moving out at about the same pace as you purchase new items. Dig in and do this now, which is the perfect time because the weather will be warming up soon.

Happy organizing!

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