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What Don’t You Miss While Social Distancing?

What Don't You Miss

We hear a lot about the things we miss most while social distancing, which is a valuable lesson regarding what we take for granted. But what don’t you miss?

Take A Look At Your Pre-Covid-19 Schedule

Take a look at your schedule the month or two before you began social distancing, searching for the things that felt important before—that you don’t miss at all. Or things that are a relief not to have to do anymore. These are things that should permanently remain off your schedule once we phase back into our new normal.

Consider How To Fill This Time

Use the things you miss, or that you finally have the time to do now as inspiration to fill the ongoing gaps in your schedule. Also, consider other out of the house ways you will fill this time. This could honestly be anything. From self-care to quality time with loved ones, hobbies, sports, or anything you sincerely look forward to.

Delegate It

If the things you no longer miss, in both your personal and professional life, are things that still must get done—delegate it. This might mean delegating to your kids, spouse, personal assistant, or someone you hire to get it done for you.

Here’s to using this time to rethink and rebalance our lives!

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