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Creating Me Time While Everyone Is At Home

Creating Me Time At Home

Having everyone home has it’s high and lows. There is no shortage of quality time and you are sure to be creating lasting memories, but that doesn’t mean you should spend every second together. Here are a few tips for creating me time while everyone is at home.

Find A Dedicated Space

Not to worry if you live in small quarters as you can still find your own space, even if it’s a bedroom you can set aside a few hours of time for yourself each day. This might be to read, journal, meditate, chat with friends privately, do an art or craft, take a bath, or whatever you want. Just make sure to make the space feel comfortable.

Set Clear Boundaries

Schedule in your me time if you can but even if it’s not scheduled, set clear boundaries. For example, no texting, knocking on the door, or interruptions of any kind. This might be tricky the first day or two but stick to the boundary you set or your loved ones will never adjust.

Take It When You Need It

With so much of our lives in flux we will all have bad days and good days. By scheduling an hour or two of time for yourself each day you will feel more productive. This me time is also a proactive approach to maintaining your peace of mind. However, if you need extra me time one day, take it when you need it.

Finally, if you are struggling with more than just a need for some personal space, but also with loneliness and depression—explore your options in remote counseling which can be very effective in this time of crisis.

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