Cooking Without Fresh Ingredients

Cooking Without Fresh Ingredients

Meat and fresh produce are limited and hard to get your hands on in many areas. Here are a few tips for cooking without fresh ingredients. Or, you might run out before your weekly trip to the grocery store.

Go For Canned

Canned tuna and chicken are your top two picks, but you can also find canned pork and beef in some areas. If you can stock up on frozen fruits and veggies, but if both fresh and frozen are sold out, choose canned fruit and veggies. No, they won’t taste the same but canned options will provide the variety you are craving in your diet. Rachel Ray is sharing canned food recipes live-streamed from her kitchen at home.

Use Lots Of Herbs And Spices

The key to making your food taste it’s best is to use lots of herbs and spices and basics like onion and garlic. If not in stock, even onion and garlic can be found in the spice aisle in spice blends or solo powders. Now is a great time to order and plant a window box garden, or even an outdoor garden!

Experiment With New Grains

Experiment with new grains which are an excellent source of protein and fiber. I’m a big fan of barley and bulgur, and love to mix grains and legumes to create a custom side dish. Be sure to cook in broth, tomato sauce, or with a bullion cube or two for added flavor.

We should be back to fresh foods again soon!

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