Supporting Small Businesses During The Pandemic

Supporting Small Businesses During The Pandemic

Worried that your favorite restaurants and local small businesses won’t be able to open back up? There are a variety of ways you can support your local small businesses during the pandemic.

Reach Out Virtually

Head to their website or social media to check for updates. Check to see if they have digitally transformed and are offering new or improved digital service or product delivery options. Send a direct email to inquire about how you may be able to help. For example, a salon in my area is hosting a digital raffle with a grand prize of $1,000 to the winner. They are also selling all of their products online.

Shop Locally Online

Many of us are doing more online shopping than usual so before you buy from the mega sites, consider if you can shop from a local business instead. Check Uber Eats and other delivery services as many restaurants and retailers are delivering their food and products. Also, buy gift certificates to help get some cash flowing in.

Shop Small Online

If local retailers don’t have what you are looking for online consider other small businesses. For example, The View is featuring nationwide small businesses that sell niche products. Most are selling their products at up to 50% off to stay afloat.

Here’s to sticking together!

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