Arguing With Your Partner While Quarantined?

Arguing With Your Partner While Quarantined

Between financial stress, the restlessness of being cooped up at home, and the anxiety of uncertainty you may be arguing with your partner while quarantined. These tips will help.

Get Some Space

Spending every second together isn’t productive for either one of you so grab your laptop or e-reader and head to another room for at least a few hours a day. Take the whole day if needed. The key is that neither of you should take your solo time personally.

Lean On Your Support System

It is more important now than ever to reach out to those outside your partnership. You should never put the pressure of all your joy, stress, or anything in-between on just one person, so reach out to your friends and family.

Plan Activities Together

Don’t just sit on the couch together all day long. Plan activities such as cooking, baking, playing cards, video games, or board games, read an audiobook together, workout together, complete a home project you’ve been meaning to get to, and more. Yes, you can watch TV but limit your news intake to no more than 2 hours a day.

You can also consider couples and solo counseling to help talk through your tension and stress, both of which can be performed virtually.

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