Does Leaving The House Give You Anxiety?

Does Leaving The House Give You Anxiety?

As stir-crazy as you may feel while sheltering at home heading outside right now can be stressful. Here are some suggestions if leaving the house gives you anxiety.

Follow The Social Distancing Guidelines

Wearing your mask, maintaining your distance, and not congregating in groups will help to ease the stress of going out. Carry hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to wipe things down. When you get home, shower and change your clothing.

Be Strategic

Grocery stores are disinfected overnight so you may feel less anxiety if you go shopping first thing in the morning. Yes, they are disinfected during the day too but the are likely to be their cleanest in the morning. Early mornings are also less likely to have pedestrians out and about if you want to go running or take a walk, the earlier the better.

Order In

If it eases your anxiety, especially if you are in a high-risk group, don’t leave the house unless you absolutely must. In most cities, you can have your groceries delivered or you can ask a loved one to shop for you. Also, explore what essential supplies you can order online.

While you can’t stay cooped up forever you can ease the anxiety of going out until COVID-19 numbers begin to drop in your area.

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