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Will The Productivity Culture Shift Post-COVID-19?

Will The Productivity Culture Shift Post-COVID-19

More, better, faster, right NOW! Most of us have grown accustomed to the productivity culture that demands us to increase output. There is even a rise in burnout among teenagers and elementary school students. We are in a constant state of doing it all, but COVID-19 has forced us to slow down. Will the slowdown stick?

Priorities Are Shifting

There is nothing like a pandemic to inspire us to rethink our priorities. While the first few weeks of not being busy felt like withdrawal, we’ve now had enough time and space to consider what really matters. You are not alone if you plan on simplifying your life after the pandemic passes.

Careers Will Change

Your job duties may change or you may need to identify new employment, making now the ideal time to consider both what you really want to do—and to identify a company with a culture that is more in line with your professional and personal goals. You spend most of your waking hours at work so you deserve to find your fulfilling perfect fit. This may include continuing to work from home, if only part-time.

Where we invest the majority of our time is our top priority. If your pre-COVID-19 time investment didn’t align with your intended priorities (like work vs. family) now is your opportunity to shift.

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