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Screen-Free At-Home Ways To Fill Your Time

Screen-Free At-Home Ways To Fill Your Time

As you search for productive ways to fill your days while sheltering at home you may also be looking for activities that are screen-free. I don’t know about you but there is only so much time I can sit in front of my TV, laptop or e-reader, and wasting away hours gaming on my phone leaves me feeling sluggish. Here are some screen-free at-home activities to add to the mix.

Books And Magazines

If you are someone who has gone completely digital in your reading buying a printed alternative is an excellent way to mix things up. Next time you head to the store grab a few magazines and books for a screen-free way to read. I didn’t mention newspapers as we can all use a break from the news.


Yes, you must access podcasts digitally, but once the podcast is playing you can step away and just listen. If you have a wireless speaker, use it so that you can multi-task. I listen to podcasts while cooking, working out, cleaning, or just while sitting back and relaxing.

Hands-On Activities

Now is the perfect time to return to your favorite hands-on activities or try a few new ones. This includes productive projects such as deep cleaning and organizing, as well as playing cards and board games, coloring, arts and crafts, and more. I recently made some diamond paint key chains and it was so much fun!

These are just a few ideas to get you heading in the right direction!

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