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Take This Opportunity To Shift Your Career

Take This Opportunity To Shift Your Career

We must always search for the opportunities in the midst of major change, making the pandemic the perfect time to shift your career.

Consider What You Really Want

If the job you were just laid off from, or the one you continue to WFH at, is not your dream job—consider what you really want to be doing instead. This might mean staying in the same field but in a more challenging or better-suited role, or in the same position but at a different organization. It may also mean 100% shifting to a new career.

Identify How To Get There

Once you identify what you would rather be doing, identify what you need to do to get there. You might need to go back to school, explore your options in online training, brush up on old skills, develop new personal and professional skills, and more.

Just Do It

Be mindful and strategic but stop making excuses to remain stuck in a job that is no longer fulfilling. At the very least, get started while you are still at your current company—as long as you get started. Be sure to map out a strategy with a timeline and measurable milestones.

Here’s to your new career!

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