Why Newer Relationships May Not Survive Social Distancing

Why Newer Relationships May Not Survive Social Distancing

Social distancing has created many virtual relationships with new couples who can’t wait until they can meet in person. For those already committed, it’s brought us closer—even if there have been some highs and lows. But here are a few reasons why newer relationships may not survive social distancing.

You Were Just Getting To Know One Another

If you had been on a few dates before the pandemic was declared, you didn’t have the chance to get into a rhythm yet. As your lives took major turns, you may not have kept in touch. Oddly, those who met online and via dating apps during the pandemic may hit things of better as the pandemic was part of their new norm. However, you may have success if you reconnect after restrictions have been lifted. And those who met online may be disappointed when they can finally meet in person.

Your Not Yourself Right Now

This is a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty so a new relationship may not be your priority. Just reach out and let your new partner know that now is not the right time for you. This is completely understandable, just make sure that you aren’t cutting yourself off from your primary support system. We need one another now more than ever.

Once you regain your footing you can get back out there. And if you are the one a new partner let go, be compassionate—and know it’s not about you.

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