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Are You The Most Motivated In Your Group?

Do you feel frustrated or outright alone because you are the most motivated in your group? Here are a few reasons why.

You Need More Dreamers And Achievers In Your Life

Your dreams and aspirations are valid, but they may feel silly or over-the-top if you don’t have a support system who takes you seriously. Even if you have someone who supports you fully, but doesn’t really get it, you can feel alone. Head online and look for Facebook groups, local meetups, or a mastermind group filled with people on the same path.

They Mean Well But Are Driven By Fear

Your current friends and family mean well, but they are dreaming smaller for you that you are for you. Why? It’s not because they don’t think you are capable, it’s that they want you to take a less risky or more traditional path. Maybe they have failed or were always too worried to try, but you must not allow fear to hold you back too.

And no, you don’t need to remove people from your life who don’t get your aspirations, but you do need to be selective about who you share your big dreams with.

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