What True Friendship Looks Like

What True Friendship Looks Like

Whether you are assessing your inner circle or assessing yourself, these are just a few of the traits of true friendship.

They Understand Your Past

A true friend has either stood by your side through challenging times or if they met you after all you have overcome—they don’t judge you for a single second. They don’t judge your parent’s choices, familial dysfunction, past mistakes, or anything else. Instead, they understand that your past made you the friend they love today.

A Sense Of Belonging

Belonging refers to the people in your life who accept you as you are, in your full authenticity, and don’t ask you to change who you are to fit in with either their or societal expectations. When you have topics that you don’t see eye to eye on or you make drastically different choices with your life they respect your option and decisions, and you respect theirs.

Believes In Your Future

A genuine friend is your cheerleader. Yes, they talk openly about their concerns but they support you in your dream and goals. Even if you are completely shifting gears, they remain by your side every step of the way.

If this isn’t what you have with your nearest and dearest or who you are as a friend it’s time to rethink who you surround yourself with.

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