How To Keep Your Virtual Relationship Going Strong

Keep Your Virtual Relationship Going Strong

These virtual relationship tips will help you stay connected with your long-distance partner or someone you met online while social distancing.

Stay Connected

Text messaging isn’t enough to keep you connected so you must make time daily to video chat or talk on the phone. Even if it is just a few minutes you will feel far more engaged hearing their voice or seeing their face.

Send Them Something

The options in items that can be delivered have never been more impressive, so send your loved one something to let them know you are thinking of them. This could be something small like delivering lunch or dinner, sending a gift via Amazon, an eBook, bottle of wine, coffee, or even a handwritten letter or card.

Do Something Together

You might not be able to spend time together one-on-one but you can still spend time together. Watch TV together at the same time, sync playback and watch Netflix together via Netflix Party, play a virtual game, take a virtual tour, attend a virtual group chat, and more.

Here’s to staying together while we’re apart.

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