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How To Make Your Fear Fleeting

Make Fear Fleeting

Most of the things we fear are not things that we should give as much time and attention to as we do. Most fear is actually worry, and worry is not real, so you can make your fear fleeting.

Recategorizing Fear

Begin by recategorizing your fear as a mood that needs to be worked through. What you are really worried about is the unknown, but a lack of worry is really a false sense of security. The global pandemic has made us all far more aware of this reality.

Focus On What Is Real

When worry begins to set in, focus on what you know for sure and what you can control, not the endless what ifs. Then, create a step-by-step plan to begin moving forward. Plans may need to be adapted along the way, but this will give you something current and actionable to work towards.

Remain Present

Worry and fear rob us of the present moment so it is time to take back your time. Begin by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Then decide what you are going to do next, something not related to your worry. Shift your attention to every move you make, step you take, your surrounding auditory and visual environment. Make it all about THIS moment.

Here’s to shifting from fear to living!

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