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Addressing Pandemic Weight Gain

Addressing Pandemic Weight Gain

Currently, 50% of women have reported that they have gained weight since the pandemic began. This is due to a combination of stress and boredom. Here are a few tips for addressing pandemic weight gain.

Return To Your Regular Diet

You may not necessarily need to go on a new or specific diet. If you have gained 10 pounds or less, simply return to your previous way of eating. Avoid the temptation, by eliminating the unhealthy snacks in your house and stocking up on healthy munchies like carrot sticks, veggie chips, cheese, and yogurt.

Get Physical 2x Per Day

The pandemic has caused most of us to be more sedentary than usual. Even if you are still working out at home you no longer have the typical daily movement like standing, walking, and climbing stairs. We never think never much of these activities, but they burn calories nonetheless. So, do a 30 to 60-minute full workout at least 5 days a week—then at least 15 minutes of stretching, walking or movement. Ideally, 5 to 10 minutes of movement every hour. Even if it’s just standing, it makes a healthy difference.

Stay Busy And Social

The health benefits of being social and active are many, including helping you to lose and maintain your weight. Many of us were super social in the first few weeks of social distancing but have begun to fall off with our daily video chatting, so it’s time to get back on track. This will help to boost your happy hormones which can minimize your desire to snack and motivate you to get up and do something.

Here’s to your health!

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