Now Is The Perfect Time To Adopt Minimalism

Now Is The Perfect Time To Adopt Minimalism

While the country slowly begins to reopen most of us will continue to spend more time at home than usual, making now the perfect time to adopt minimalism.

Now You Really Know What You Need

With an increased amount of time spent at home, we’ve never had a better understanding of what items we really use. Also, we’ve had time to rethink our priorities as a whole. Most of us have had the time to sort through our closets and home storage areas and have brought back out a few things we haven’t used in a while. This makes now the perfect time to donate or sell what you don’t use.

Go Digital

Whether it’s documents, photographs, or paper mementos, you can clear your clutter by scanning much of the paper items that you want to keep—but don’t want taking up so much space. Yes, there are special photos and documents such as your diploma that you never want to let go of—but much of your paper can be scanned and saved electronically.

You Have The Time

If you have been wanting to do the big sort required to adopt minimalism, you finally have the time. Use whatever method of sorting works for you, with the Marie Kondo “sparks joy” method and the “toss everything you haven’t worn or used in over a year, except seasonal items” philosophy.

Here’s to your simplified way of living!

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