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Feeling Unusually Fatigued?

Feeling Unusually Fatigued

Between the stress of COVID-19 and being stuck at home, you may be feeling unusually fatigued. Here are a few tips for feeling like yourself again.

Get Up And Move

You might be social distancing, but you can’t spend all your time at home sitting at your desk or on the couch. Get up, and stretch do a mini workout, walk around your home, play with the kids, take the dog for a walk. Get up at least once per hour and do something.


We may be physically apart, but we must remain socially connected. Pre-COVID-19 you may not have talked on the phone or video chat often, but now it is essential. This includes friends and family but also explore your options in group networking and the many pandemic-inspired ways of staying connected, like the TWINE app that connects you with likeminded people looking to have deep conversations on the same topic.

Rethink What You Are Eating

If you have been stress eating, your dietary shift may be a contributing factor to your recent drop in energy. It’s time to clean up your diet by limiting sugar, caffeine and refined carbs. Increase the whole foods in your diet and eat energy-boosting foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Last but not least, keep busy as boredom contributes to fatigue.

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