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Have You Decided To Continue To Work From Home?

Have You Decided To Continue To Work From Home

The pandemic has caused a major shift in office culture. Many companies will continue operating fully or partially from home or will give their employees the opportunity to continue to work from home. Here are a few things to consider if you continue with remote employment.

Set Up A More Permanent Workspace

If you didn’t have a desk or home office prior to the pandemic you are sure to have carved out a temporary workspace. If you are going to continue, it’s time for a more permanent solution for you and anyone else who will be working from home. This might require you to rearrange the furniture in your living room, ditch the dining room table or spare bedroom you never use, or finally finish the basement or attic to create a more comfortable space.

Minimize Your Office Expenses

Talk with your employer about whether they provide reimbursement for any of your home office supplies, and also your accountant regarding what home office expenses qualify as a deduction. Invest in enough to ensure you are comfortable, organized, and productive, but like anything—be mindful of your spending. With many businesses going out of business you can find supplies on discount so be sure to shop on Craigslist and in local secondhand stores as they begin to reopen.

Here’s to staying healthy and productive at home!

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