What Will Change Post-COVID-19

What Will Change Post-COVID 19

While we all look forward to life returning to “normal”, the reality is that a new normal is on the way. Here are a few things that are likely to change post-COVID-19.

The Way We Greet One Another

Whether it’s handshakes, hugs, a kiss on the cheek or a full-mouth kiss—expect far fewer greetings that include physical contact. Also expect to see greetings that include revised types of contact such as elbow bumps, or maybe a new way of greeting we have yet to see.

How We Work

Countless companies rapidly transitioned to WFH business models, and many will continue to provide the opportunity to work remotely. This flexibility already has many people leaving major cities to live in nearby suburbs or states as they only need to go to the office on occasion.

How We Shop

Brick and mortar stores were already struggling pre-pandemic and now this struggle has heightened. Except to see many stores downsize their square footage or transition to online-only. Expect to see private courier and on-demand delivery services become the norm as we continue to limit shopping until there is a vaccine. By the time there is a vaccine, online shopping and local shopping with delivery will likely stick.

Here’s to the future!

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