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Should You Still Go On Your Summer Vacation?

Should You Still Go On Your Summer Vacation

Countries around the world are setting their “open” dates as to when they will begin accepting travelers. But many travelers are reconsidering whether they should still go on their summer vacation. Here are a few thoughts to consider.

Rethink Your Vacation Destination

Airports and airplanes are heavily populated areas leaving many travelers exploring transportation alternatives. For many this will mean driving instead of flying, meaning that you may need to rethink your vacation destination too. Maybe check out a landmark, visit family and friends or head to a national park.

Research Your Accommodations

Hotels around the world are setting new standards for sanitation and some are enrolling in local or global “clean and safe” certifications. This goes beyond how they clean their common areas and guest rooms to adopting remote check-in, improved air filtration, revised dining and room service, and more. Those who typically stay in Airbnbs or vacation rentals may be more comfortable in a certified hotel. For those who enjoy nature, camping in a tent or RV is a popular choice.

Rethink Your Excursions

In addition to deciding where you will go rethink what you will do when you get there. Will you feel safe and comfortable riding in a group tour bus or taking a group excursion? This alone will make some off-the-beaten-path destinations more popular for the time being.

And of course, follow the suggested safety protocols of handwashing, wearing your mask, using sanitizer, and all regional safety requests.

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