The 3 Primary Types Of Stress

Primary Types Of Stress

Understanding the type of stress you are experiencing can assist you in alleviating your stress. Here are the 3 primary types of stress.


Acute stress is fleeting stress. A last-minute pop quiz at school, an unexpected presentation at work, or getting stuck in traffic and stressing about being late. Once you arrive at your destination or once the presentation or quiz is over your stress will immediately begin to subside. In the meantime, breathe and focus on what you can control.


Episodic stress is stress that has an end in sight, but lasts longer than fleeting stress. This might be an impending deadline at work or a child with the flu. Again, the stress will subside once you complete the project at work or your loved one recovers, but in the meantime, it can cause major disruption. This makes now the perfect time to delegate and reach out to ask for help.


Chronic stress is ongoing. There is no clear end in sight, the resolution may be out of your control, or to resolve the situation you may have to make a major life change. This type of stress includes remaining in an unhappy marriage, an abusive platonic or romantic relationship, or living with ongoing trauma—such as PTSD from war or racism. It could also include financial stress and living with anxiety. Managing chronic stress requires a targeted approach, meaning it may be time to reach out to a professional. For example, working with a financial advisor can rapidly improve your financial stress.

Here’s to recognizing your stressors and taking an active approach!

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