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Is It Something You Should Change Or Is It Just You?

Is It Something You Should Change Or Is It Just You

We are all a work in progress. As you choose the things that you need to improve in your life you must consider if it is something that you should change or is it just you?

Is The Change To Fit A Societal Norm?

Before you begin the work of positive change, determine if you are abandoning something that comes naturally to you to attempt to fit into a societal norm. Some of what currently comes naturally to us is behavior conditioned in us by our family or society as a whole. But, if you are trying to change something that lies outside the norm primarily to fit in, you are going against your true nature. For example, if you feel like you should settle down and get married, give up your passion because adults should work more, or behave in a manner that is more “ladylike” these goals are less about you and more about fitting in.  

Have Your Found Your Tribe Yet?

Belonging means to be accepted as you are, even if you differ from your nearest and dearest. So, if you don’t feel a sense of belonging and are trying to change to fit in—it’s time to find your tribe. Head online in search of likeminded groups on Facebook, local meetups, and local clubs and organizations with people who share similar interests and mindsets. This is your tribe, and who you should invest the majority of your time with.

If your change is genuinely for you, focus on your strengths first—and go for it!

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