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Food Isn’t The Only Factor That Keeps Your Immunity High

Food Isn’t The Only Factor That Keeps Your Immunity High

While eating a diet high in antioxidants and low in processed foods will boost your immunity, food isn’t the only factor that keeps your immunity high. Here are 3 other lifestyle changes to consider.


Your body heals and repairs itself while you are sleeping so you must prioritize your rest. Aim for between 7 and 9 hours of quality sleep per night. If you currently toss and turn at night, try meditating before bedtime or listening to ASMR or a sleep story. Also, consider your sleep temperature and upgrade your mattress, pillows, and even your sheets.


Exercise isn’t just for weight loss or weight maintenance, but for managing your whole-body health. We don’t think much about our organs, but exercise plays a vital role in flushing toxins out of our organs, minimizing internal inflammation, and keeping our bodies balanced from the inside out.


Stress hormones decrease immunity, can keep us up at night, and increase our internal inflammation. Exercise, meditation, mindfulness, and massage are just a few ways you can manage your stress. Also, determine if your stress is chronic, episodic, or acute can help you find the best way to take things down a notch.

Here’s to remaining healthy and balanced!

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